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From Metal Processing Industry To Furniture Design

JER CHIA was founded in 2002, starting in the metal processing industry, outsourcing for various well-known light fitting and furniture brands. This involvement enriches our processing technology and experience, further contributing to our clients' product design development in 2012. Ultimately the product won Red Dot Design Award and has been selling steadily in today's market.










Conflict Elements and Ingenious Design

From the time we established, the major exporting of Taiwan furniture was based on traditional materials and designs. However, we place emphasis on creating our unique style, combining conflict elements boldly and using ingenious design to generate unprecedented style. For example, iron products with wooden boards, iron products with acrylic iron products with glass, wooden product with fabric product. These several creative combinations impress international companies and over the years they are still our top selling products.

Iron+Wooden boards

Iron+Acrylic Iron Products With Glass

Wooden Product+Fabric Products

   We won Golden Pin Design Award in Singapore in 2013 !   

JER CHIA products exhibit multi-function and streamline modern style. We launched our own brand " KOZY" in 2011 and KOZY won Golden Pin Design Award in Singapore in 2013. 

We re-create the product features through different ideas, and integrate our experience so that every year we present new and various styles to our clients with multi-element designs.

In recent years, JER CHIA products include side table for living room, dining table, dining chair, kitchen cart, shelf, bar table, bar stool for kitchen and dining room, standing mirror and clothes stand for bedroom, etc. We have been striving on product development, and dozens of new products are in progress currently.